I know I would not have seen this gift in Bear astronaut hugging spaceship shirt as clearly if it wasn’t for you! Along with other gifts too! As a noticer and highly observant soul, I have the pleasure of seeing SO MANY of the ways your gifts and heart play out in the hearts and stories of many – ALL OF THE TIME my friend – in such beautiful and immeasurable ways, including mine. Thank you for being my dream companion. So honored to have you beside me. Always and forever. I believe in you. If I do become a teacher, I want to be like her. Maybe she’s my companion for this dream.

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This reminds me of the deep gut feeling I had to make a gift to thank Bear astronaut hugging spaceship shirt from last year for all her personal encouragement while the kids and I were living in a domestic violence shelter. I’ve recently discovered that teaching might be my best bet for a career here in Switzerland, and I wanted her to know how much of an inspiration she has been. Thank you for being faithful to your dream, Rachel. Your words help me be faithful to both of mine! When I was lost in my own disappointments, your words, and your kindness to me, drew me out of myself so that I could be a better mom.

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