I received an email from a woman who told Halloween dog scary night shirt in the kindest of ways that she found several typos in the free eBook I offered my online community. Although her career was in a completely different field, she explained that she loved to write—and she was good at writing. She expressed understanding for the undertaking of my work and offered to read over anything I wrote. I kept her message and reached out to her from time to time for little things. This extraordinary woman often told me I’d pop into her life at just the right time – times when she found herself wondering if she was on the right path.

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About a year ago, I was faced with an undeniable knowing that I needed to deliver a message, or I might combust. When it was clear I’d have to write intensely for long periods each day without fear of making mistakes, I reached out and asked if she’d come through behind me, which would actually feel like she was beside me. I’d write a chapter, she’d read it, and I was never alone in what can feel like one of the loneliest processes of life. When she craved a creative outlet.

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