When she wondered if she was giving this Infinity butterfly live love bartender shirt had to give. Although she indicated I was helping her as she was helping me, I looked forward to the day I could properly thank her. When I finished this massive project, which was my fourth book, part of me wanted to rush out and get her a gift. But I knew this was not something to be rushed. When it was time, I’d know exactly how to thank her. This week, the idea came to me, and I told my daughters I must go to a certain shop – an unforgettable shop that holds beautiful words on exquisite pieces and vintage paper. It’s a store that has items to gift when we want to encourage people to dream their dreams.

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It was a bit of a drive, Infinity butterfly live love bartender shirt but I knew the moment I saw the shop’s sign that it was worth it. My daughter and I were only there for two minutes when we spotted my third book, Only Love Today. It took a minute for it to register because this was not a book shop, it was a gift shop—and there was my book among a select few. It was nestled between Rachel Hollis and Shauna Niequist. I stood there in awe remembering exactly how I got across my vision for the cover design of my first book.

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