How great to see this today as I just got home from seeing John Lennon 1940-1980 legends never die shirt for the last time. He lives many states away and was recently diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer that has already spread to his liver. I made the last-minute decision Friday to fly to see him before his condition deteriorated anymore and what a great decision that was as even while I was there, I saw his condition worsen. As I went in to talk to him, he asked about a book I had brought with me, your book, Only Love Today. We had a great conversation about it and he admitted he followed you as well. And then he told me he was ok with dying and shared his thoughts about it with me. 

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I watched him smile and laugh while visiting with John Lennon 1940-1980 legends never die shirt and he looked so happy. Family connections truly are everything! I so wish I could be there to hear you speak! I Look forward to hearing about your experience, and all the people you will impact! And of course, your voice will crack when you speak of Ben. because you allow yourself to truly feel and express who you are in the inside! That’s one of the many reasons your presentations are so impactful!!

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  1. Denver Ashmun (verified owner)

    Appaulling quality and shocking customer service. Been trying to return. Reported to trading standard

  2. Shelley Hundal (verified owner)

    Not yet received! Arrived 3 days later all OK,

  3. Helene DeFilippis (verified owner)

    Bought for my 32yr old guitar crazy son who can by the way play good. Anyway he loved the T.shirt morteef was good and the material was good and it washed great. Will be getting more for xmas.

  4. Horst Kommernitzky (verified owner)

    As a big horror fan my son was absolutely thrilled with these two T-shirts.Were all huge Stephen King fans.Was grinning for 10 minutes after opening them.

  5. Kathy Gordon (verified owner)

    I do see you’ve contacted Support regarding this concern, and we’ll be sure to follow up with you within today. We will certainly do our best to find a solution for you.

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