Loving without being loved back actually means Mickey and butterfly stay out of my bubble shirt that you are a giver and a source that never gets depleted just like the sun. The sun still shines every day somewhere on this planet even when we give it nothing in return. And we use everything it gives us. You are infinitely powerful because when you are not being loved back after a time you will have no expectations, hence no disappointments. I do agree getting loved back feels amazing but true love doesn’t ask or expect anything in return. If you love truly, you will be able to live even without getting love back.

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A person can live, physically without love for a Mickey and butterfly stay out of my bubble shirt. I am not sure if you want facts or psychological profiling but I can share with you that we only need to look at studies they’ve done with monkeys. (I know we aren’t monkeys, but we started somewhere! Monkey babies that were taken from their mothers and given a terry cloth substitute tried to cling to it. They didn’t develop. They had no socialization skills. Their moods were full of despair, they could not regulate their appetite.

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