At that point, it just wouldn’t pay for our brains to Peace love Johnnie Walker shirt in a state so open to new linguistic possibilities that we might wonder if that strange sound we just heard out of somebody’s mouth might be intended as speech. Therefore we actually start losing the component skills which make language learning look easy and automatic as soon as our first birthday! In this case, I’m talking about the ability to make and distinguish every single last speech sound attested in any world language, which babies do until then. There’s another reason you won’t gain much fluency in under a year without going abroad: the fact that people don’t talk the way they do in textbooks!

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So, without actually immersing yourself in a Peace love Johnnie Walker shirt where your new language is spoken natively, you won’t learn enough to sound like a normal human being in less than one year. Even if you do immerse yourself in an ethnic enclave in your own country, what you’ll get will be overly skewed toward the artificial environment of a society not co-evolved with the language. A few minutes ago, I said that you might well gain enough skills to pull off a specific function in under a year. Assuming you do in fact have such a goal, make smart choices now about how (in what setting) you start learning your new language.

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