During your year at home, make a Peace love Patron shirt to immerse yourself in the life of your new language by going out of your way to spend quality time in your closest Chinatown, Deutschville or whatever. You want to make friends there, among those who don’t speak a word of your language if you can pull it off. At first, just soak it all in; it doesn’t matter one bit that you won’t understand a single word. Your goal is simply to soak up everything, just as a baby does in the world of what will become his or her native language. As your skills build-up, take baby steps toward participation in your new world: buy a newspaper and ‘read’ it you’ll be able to figure out the headlines, at least, as well as prices for tickets to the home country, and the places which sell them.

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Buy stuff you like, insisting on speaking Peace love Patron shirt to those who sell it to you, even if they insist on speaking English (or whatever else your first language may be) back to you. Let your interests and proclivities be your guide, but look to develop new ones in the process. (In fact, wait to start studying a new language if right now, you’re just not prepared to welcome big-time change into your life. If not, go on to the next language; there are literally thousands of languages spoken around the world, and it is possible to learn quite a bit of one, only to discover you’re not a good fit with the people who actually speak it!

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